AI Fitness Revolution

AI as a fitness trainer harnesses the power of data and personalized guidance to elevate your workouts. It offers a dynamic and adaptable approach to fitness, ensuring that you achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.

Top AI Fitness Apps

Best apps for power lifters

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Top 5 muscle building apps

GymStreak AI: Workout Planner

Imagine having a personal trainer that has learnt from training hundreds of thousands of people all across the world. Now imagine that personal trainer sitting inside your pocket like a magical genie, ready to do your bidding 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Welcome to the future of fitness.

Fitonist: AI Gym Workouts

Introducing the ultimate gym companion: Fitonist app. Achieve your gym goals and unlock your full potential with this comprehensive app designed for all gym enthusiasts. Stay motivated and get fit with a wide range of exercises that are completely free.

Freeletics: Fitness Workouts

fitness app lets you work out anytime, anywhere with the best digital personal trainer - no gym required. Whatever your fitness level, achieve your goals quickly and build healthy habits with personalized HIIT workouts and audio coaching. Losing weight, gaining muscle or improving your fitness has never been so simple.

Humango: AI training planner

Humango™ is a social wellness platform that analyzes fitness tracker data to generate individualized and adaptive fitness plans for athletes. Enhanced by AI, Humango’s science-based system helps you do more of the sport you love, better.

Aaptiv: Fitness for Everyone

Everyone deserves the benefits of moving smarter. That’s why we created Aaptiv, an AI-powered audio and video fitness app that creates hyper-personalized, adaptable workout plans to help you crush your fitness goals. Whether you’re a fitness guru or just getting started, Aaptiv can create the perfect workout tailored just to you.