Understanding Leonardo AI

Why Leonardo AI?

Leonardo ai emphasizes innovation and integration. Leonardo.ai offers a web-based interface that can be easily accessed through a browser. This lower entry barrier makes Leonardo.ai more user-friendly, whereas some ai tool uses Discord and this makes difficult to use for them who are unfamiliar with Discord.

Leonardo AI UI/UX is much better, because it is built on a dedicated platform, allows you easy access to change, personalise and edit the layers. Changing the number of images to their dimensions, style guides, and scales with Leonardo AI is an easy & user-friendly affair. A self-explanatory dashboard with a visually empowered interface makes it easy for the user to operate the tool.

It offers a variety of features that make it easy to create high-quality images, such as pre-trained models, style guides, and a community of users to share prompts with.

With Leonardo AI, there are a lot of different models you can use. They have their own Leonardo Diffusion Model, which is incredibly helpful for searching high-contrast images and some specific models, e.g., Origami Paper Art style algorithms that create unique and beautiful art. There is Pixel Art Algorithm for creating Pixel Avatars.

Prompt Generation

Prompt generation is different as compared to other image AI generation tool. This tool will allow you to come up with more complex prompt ideas from a simple prompt. E.g. if you type in “a car” and click Ideate it will come up with a number of more complex concepts which include a car. Also it will ask you number of prompts to be generated. Which will again help you to ideate.

Leonardo AI Canvas

Leonardo AI canvas editor enables you to visually correct and refine details, modify styles, seamlessly extend content, create composite artwork and striking photomontages through inpainting and outpainting.

Negative Prompt

This is used to tell the AI what NOT to generate.

Where you can use Leonardo AI

  1. Inspiration
  2. Character design
  3. Product design
  4. Game asset
  5. Concept art
  6. Fashion
  7. Advertising
  8. Marketing
  9. Product photography
  10. architecture
  11. Interior design

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