AI powered customer service: level ai

Level AI helps in driving performance, efficiency and compliance in the BPO industry. Embrace the future of intelligent automation and unlocks business’s true potential.

Level AI provides AI powered tools for customer service industry helping QA team efficiency. It can take your quality assurance automation to next level. It monitors conversations at scale. AI reviews interaction performance for key business scenarios.these interactions can be call, chat or emails.

In customer service agent are key person to provide good service to a customer, onboarding agent and training agent take lots of time and delays operations. Level AI accelerate agent onboarding, enable autonomous learning for support agents. It provides real-time agent asset for contact centre agent. AI engine provides valuable business insights like customer or product analytics.

Let’s understand problems in conventional system and their solution in AI one by one.

Quality Assurance in call center

Call center quality assurance is the process of monitoring and analyzing your service team’s customer conversations. QA and team leads use QA software to easily assess these conversations against quality criteria. This ensures your teams are achieving their goals and your customers’ expectations. The amount of data is huge and increasing. This data can be outdated.

Level AI enables call center with multiple ways to improve quality assurance by adding AI and ML features like Advanced AI and NLU, Omnichannel Analytics, Quality Assurance Trends, Smart Data, Accurately Monitor and Score Communications, Augmented Quality Assurance.

Quality Assurance importance in call center

Quality Assurance is one of the main functions in company to reduce costs, spotting inefficiencies and increasing average customer lifetime value of customers. To get more loyal customers and make customers happy consistent and continuous improvement in respond to customer inquiries is important.

Level AI with Generative AI

Generative AI finds applications in the contact center by enabling virtual agents and chatbots to provide human-like interactions, handling routine queries, and offering personalized responses. It enhances customer experience with natural language processing, sentiment analysis, and speech synthesis, making interactions more engaging and efficient. Generative AI also aids in agent training and coaching, simulating scenarios for skill improvement. It assists in content generation for FAQs and knowledge bases, automating responses. Additionally, generative AI’s predictive capabilities optimize workforce management and resource allocation. Embracing generative AI empowers contact centers to deliver exceptional service, improve efficiency, and adapt to evolving customer needs.

How Level AI can help at call center

Level AI can significantly benefit your call center by automating and enhancing various aspects of operations. AI-powered virtual agents and chatbots can handle routine inquiries, reducing agent workload and wait times. Speech analytics can analyze and evaluate calls, providing insights into customer sentiment and agent performance. AI can offer personalized responses and recommendations based on customer data, leading to more satisfying interactions. Predictive analytics can help in workforce management, optimizing agent scheduling and resource allocation. Additionally, AI can streamline the QA process, automating evaluations and ensuring consistent quality standards. By leveraging AI technologies, your call center can improve efficiency, customer experience, and overall productivity.

GPT role to automate interactions

General purpose language models can be used to automate text based interactions. They can be integrated with chatbot to make customer interaction more engaging like humans.

Overall, Level AI can be helpful in customer services industry. Their next level AI products can help your customer center to achieve next level in industry.

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