Amazon artificial intelligence

Amazon ai provides set of services, tools and resources to meet business needs. It is accessible from data scientists to business analysts, from student to AI experts. AWS provides easiest way to build and scale applications. Now a day, every business wants to use  generative AI to increase revenue, enhance customer engagement. You can build … Read more

AI to see another revolution with The AI Alliance 

IBM and Meta Launch the AI Alliance in collaboration with over 50 Founding Members and Collaborators globally including AMD, Anyscale, CERN, Cerebras, Cleveland Clinic, Cornell University, Dartmouth, Dell Technologies, EPFL, ETH, Hugging Face, Imperial College London, Intel, INSAIT, Linux Foundation, MLCommons, MOC Alliance operated by Boston University and Harvard University, NASA, NSF, Oracle, Partnership on … Read more

Claude ai

Claude AI is a next-generation AI assistant based on Anthropic’s research into training helpful, honest, and harmless AI systems. They are offering two versions of Claude today: Claude and Claude Instant. Claude is a state-of-the-art high-performance model, while Claude Instant is a lighter, less expensive, and much faster option. Claude can help with use cases … Read more

AI powered customer service: level ai

Level AI helps in driving performance, efficiency and compliance in the BPO industry. Embrace the future of intelligent automation and unlocks business’s true potential. Level AI provides AI powered tools for customer service industry helping QA team efficiency. It can take your quality assurance automation to next level. It monitors conversations at scale. AI reviews … Read more

Understanding Leonardo AI

Why Leonardo AI? Leonardo ai emphasizes innovation and integration. offers a web-based interface that can be easily accessed through a browser. This lower entry barrier makes more user-friendly, whereas some ai tool uses Discord and this makes difficult to use for them who are unfamiliar with Discord. Leonardo AI UI/UX is much better, … Read more

Open chat ai

Open chat ai, if you are referring OpenAI chat then it is based on Large language models (LLMs) which are deep learning algorithms that can recognise, summarise, translate, predict, and generate content using very large datasets. lets understand it one by one, Open ai chatGPT models The models in the GPT series are generally referred … Read more